Take Your Pick

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Take Your Pick

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Take Your Pick

1. Based on the classic game show hosted by both Des O'Connor and Mike Miles (1955)
2. This game can help draw a fantastic crowd as the rules are very simple
3. You will also need 12x envelopes & 1x buzzer for wrong answers
4. You will also need 1x comical Host

1. (Overall) = H620mm x W470mm x D00mm deep
2. (Boxes) = H130mm x W130mm.

Ideal For:
1. Charity Events, Clubs, Pubs & other social establishments.

The Game:
1. Add prize names into each box, some good, and some basic
2. Ask contestants 3x questions, avoiding 'Yes or No Answers
3. If successful, contestant selects a key, for their wanted box
4. Contestant, gains a winning envelope
5. Host then try's to buy back the envelope with alternative prize(s)
6. Contestant decides then, envelope is opened to reveal the prize (gained or refused)
7. Finally - there is a 1 in 12 chance of winning the top prize.

Transit and Postage:
1. Lead time = 1x week approx.
2. Postage = £13.99 - see - 'More Info' Page

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2. Mainland England / Wales
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Other Areas?
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3. We can also post Worldwide

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