Designed Tokens

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Designed Tokens
Designed Tokens Token Colour Options

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Designed Tokens

1. Our 'Designed Tokens' are based on the standard token lisying i.e. website ref: Tokens1
2. Action - Decide which token style is wanted
3. Action - Decide what colour token is wanted
4. Action - Be prepared to send us your wanted personalised design
5. Action - You will be charged £300 for a (tooling fee and set-up costs)
6. Action - Each order option includes full costs i.e. Tokens + Tooling + Set-up


Option 1 = 1,000 x 25mm Tokens: = £400
Price includes 1000x Tokens + Tooling + Set-Up + Delivery

Option 2 = 1,000 x 35mm Tokens: = £425
Price includes 1000x Tokens + Tooling + Set-Up + Delivery

Option 3 = 1,000 x 48mm Tokens: = £450
Price includes 1000x Tokens + Tooling + Set-Up + Delivery


*Artwork Set Up Charge
1. Artwork will be required by the client
2. Artwork will need to be approved before printing
3. Please call us for finer details

*Delivery & Repeat Orders
1. Delivery is included in the given costs - see 'More Info' for finer details
2. Repeat Orders - also see 'More Info'

UK Postage costs:
1. Postage costs are to the following areas only:
2. Mainland England / Wales and Lowlands of Scotland (Postcode G + EH and south of)
3. All other areas of the UK = Please call 0845 1080047 for your unique costs

Repeat Orders:
1. Once you have completed your first unique order
2. As the token has now been designed, repeat orders are reduced in costs
3. Repeat ordering customers - always call our offices before ordering!

Worldwide Delivery Options:
1. This listed item can be shipped to the majority of 'Worldwide Countries'
2. If this is wanted - send us an email '
3. We will required the 'Product Reference Number'
4. We will required the 'Number of Units Required'
5. We will require your 'Full Delivery Address' - please avoid PO Box addresses!
6. Once received - we will send you an invoice for the product + postage costs, you settle, we send - that's it

Bacs / Bank Payment:
1. If you prefer to create a Bacs payment (Bank Transfer), not a problem
2. Call our sales team for more details
3. Basically you supply your details, we send an invoice, you settle, we process the order
4. If the goods are urgently required - You must accelerate the Bacs payment

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