Play your Cards Right

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Play your Cards Right
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Supplied = 'A4 Play Your Cards Right - Game
Supplied = A4 Playing Cards

Game Sizes = (Board) H1219mm x W812mm & (Overall) H1828mm
Playing Cards (A4) H297mm x W210mm

Play your Cards Right - A4
Based on the classic game show hosted by Bruce Forsyth, game was also known as "Card Sharks" this game can help draw a fantastic crowd as the rules are very simple - The only thing that is missing is the host!

1. Once set-up + 10x Cards onto the board
2. Each row is for 2x people play + they guess 'Higher or Lower" card values
3. Winner is normally the best of 3x games - Also see 'More Info Page'

1. Not difficult at all, a very simple and easy game to play
2. However; the odds are in your favour at the operator as the client / sales person has to guess all 9x cards correctly

1. Normally a "Major" prize if the client or sales person completes the game
2. However; a "Smaller" prize can be given based on the number of cards completed
3. The trick is - everybody wins, thus everybody wants to play!

Postage & Lead Time:
1. Postage = £25 (see 'More Info' page for qualifying areas)
2. Transit Times (Made to Order) - hence expect up to 1 to 2 weeks


1. Subject to England + Wales and *Lowlands of Scotland
2. *Lowlands - Glasgow and Edinburgh all south of
3. If outside these given areas - Tel: 01244 470904
4. If ordered outside given areas - we will not post until additional postage is paid

How many players are required? - We recommend 2x couples or 4 mates

Getting started:
1. Ask audience member to shuffle the cards + split the pack
2. Ask another to place 6 cards (face-down) + Ask another to repeat on the next row
3. At this point everybody witnesses no cheating + Now Draw the raffle
4. Winners need to Introduce + have a laugh + make them laugh!
5. Get them to split the pack + Highest in the pack goes first

How it runs:
So then, the idea of the game is for the two couples to get across their respective board of five cards by predicting whether the next card will be higher or lower than the preceding one. Get it wrong and the next couple have a chance. Get it right and they keep going until the get a card incorrect - Failed guessed cards are replaced each time) Remember to get control of the board, they have to guess the answer to a question - Then eventually you have a winner

Need the game to last longer?
Then use new couples and then have a Quarter final then, Semi final, then a Grand final - Handled correctly and it can get really exciting as the audience are shouting for their favourite couple!

Possible Catchphrases:
1. Higher, lower, higher, lower
2. You get nothing for a pair - not in this game!
3. It could still be a good night if you play your cards right!
4. I'm the leader of the pack, which makes me such a lucky Jack!
5. Did you see them cut the cards?
6. Don't touch the pack, we'll be right back! - (perfect if you have a break)
7. What do points make?" [Audience: "PRIZES!
8. Hang loose - we'll be back in a deuce!

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