Open The Box

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Open The Box
Open The BoxSpin to Win

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Open The Box

1. Open The Box is a great 'Sale' and 'Charity' game
2. Open The Box is a simple and easy to use game
3. Open the Box comes with 11x Keys
4. These 11x Keys - Only 1x key actually opens the box!

Have Fun!:
1. The Prize can be something expensive or something very cheap
2. However; an exciting prize is always best!

1. (Overall) = H280mm x W255mm x D130mm

1. Order comes with the 'Spin To Win' Wheel

Transit and Postage:
1. Lead time = 1x week approx.
2. Postage = £12.99 - see - 'More Info' Page

Setting things up:
1. Find a Host that is a natural comedian!
2. Find a Co-Host to introduce the contestants + covering the back ground work
3. Create 14 envelopes containing the prize names
4. Ask a member of the audience to place them into the boxes - Make sure the audience witness this happening!

Prizes: = You will need a major prize and at least 6 good prizes then + 7 poor prizes example: An old sock

Players: = Make the selection fair (raffle) + Draw the winning tickets

The Game:
First, there is the infamous "Yes-No Interlude" - a qualification game lasting up to 60 seconds where the contestants had to respond to the question master's interview questions without saying those two little words, or nodding or shaking the head. Often there'd be at least one contestant on each show who would be eliminated like this:

1. Contestant enters with hostess + Hostess: "This is Maureen from Darlington."
2. Presenter: "Maureen, nice to meet you. Are you well?"
3. Contestant: "Yes" = BONG!
4. Make sure the other contestents can't hear as you can catch them all out asking this one simple question!
5. The trick is to gain the longest time per contestent, then decide how many you want to go forward to the main gaime!

Successful contestants are then brought on one-at-a-time + they are asked three simple general knowledge questions + If they get them right, they get to pick a key, each key opening a corresponding box, however, the host would try to buy back the key using increasing amounts of money or shopping vouchers etc until either the contestant gave in or the host refused to offer any more money. The boxes contain booby prizes, one key to a Top prize and the rest were good prizes

If the alternative prize is selected, the envelope is still opened to reveal what could have been won. Often the other envelope will also be revealed that there is always the possibility of winning the top prize + there is always a 14 to 1 change of the top prize being won and always just one prize to be replaced.

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