Cardboard Ballot Boxes 10 to 100 Units

Reference number: VOTE-10-200

Cardboard Ballot Boxes 10 to 100 Units
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Cardboard Ballot Boxes 10 to 100 Units

This Best Selling Cardboard Ballot / Suggestion / Voting Box are an ideal way of getting customer feedback on your supplied Services / Products. Designed to sit on a flat work surface

Cardboard Voting Box =
240mm x 130mm x 270mm with Slot @ 125mm x 31mm
Front of box 270mm - Rear of box 335mm

1. Material = B Flute
2. Made from 80% Recycled Cardboard, environmentally friendly!
3. Supplied Flat-Packed, and very straight forward assembly
4. Supplied in the colour of = White
5. Designed for you to add your own 'Unique Stickers'


Option 1 - (10)x Unit = £180
Option 2 - (50)x Units - (Eqv £16) = £600

Option 3 - (100)x Units - (Eqv £10) = £1,000
Option 4 - (200)x Units - (Eqv £8) = £1,600

Customers wanting to order higher amounts
* Please go to website ref: VOTE-1-9 as we have listed the same item in batches of 1 to 9 units
* Or click the direct link revealed in 'Related Products' (top right of this page)

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