Wooden Tombola = LARGE

Reference number: Tombola-L

Wooden Tombola = LARGE
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(Excluding VAT at 20%)

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Wooden Tombola = LARGE

1. This is our SMALL Wooden Tombola Drum, perfect for small size functions
2. Tombola Drums are perfect for Promotions + Retail Outlets + Weddings etc
3. Tombola Drums make your event stand-out from the crowd

Test - Capsules:
1. We have tested the capacity of this drum with 30mm Empty Vending Capsules
2. Drum comfortably holds = 1,000x Capsules

Test - Raffle Stubs:
1. We have tested the capacity of this drum with Raffle Stubs
2. Drum comfortably holds = 10,000x Stubs

(Overall) - L660mm x H660mm x D560mm at 14kg
(Drum) - L600mm x 400 x 400mm
(Door) - 120mm x 90mm

Option 1 - Large Raffle Drum - finished in 'Raw MDF' = £300
We currently have 5x RAW MDF Raffle Drums in stock

Option 2 - Large Raffle Drum - finished in 'BLACK' = £350
We currently have 1x All Black Raffle Drum in stock

1. We have currently - 5x Raw MDF units in stock
2. We have currently - 1x BLACK in stock
3. If Black has gone, allow 2x weeks approx
4. Also we can paint in Black + Post Office Red + Royal Blue

Postage + Transit Times:
(Postage) = £25 - see 'More Info'
(Transit Time) = 2x working days + Unique Colours 2 to 3 weeks

UK Postage costs:
1. Postage costs are only £25
2. Postage costs are to the following areas only:
3. Mainland England / Wales and *Lowlands of Scotland
4.*Lowlands being Postcodes G + EH and all south of

UK Other areas:
1. Additional Costs apply - Tel: 01244 470903
2. If ordered outside the £13.99 area - we will not post
3. Hence - always call us for you unique posting costs

Card + PayPal Payment:
1. We accept both - just to the check-out and make your purchase

Bacs Payment:
1. If you prefer to pay by Bacs (Bank Transfer)
2. Send us an email with all your details
3. Also include website ref codes and number of units
4. We will email you an invoice, for Bacs settlement

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