Unique Order - (20K Tombola)

Reference number: UNIQUE-ORDER-20K

Unique Order - (20K Tombola)
Acrylic 20K Raffle DrumAcrylic 20K Raffle Drum SideAcrylic 20K Raffle Drums
Raffle Drum - MeasurementsRaffle Drum - Packaging Details

(Excluding VAT at 20%)

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Unique Order - (20K Tombola)

1. Unique Order - Relates to ""ROTHCO"
2. Contact Name "Shannon Smith"
3. Current Status = "COMPLETED - 15.08.19"


1. Order Includes - 1x Raffle Drum at 20K Capacity
2. Order Includes - Delivery to Dublin Southern Ireland
3. Raffle Drum at £260 - (Includes a £40 discount)
4. Postage at £40
5. Total Costs = £300

The Handle:
1. The handle (once connected) protrudes about 4"
2. Handle will need to be attached by the client, upon receipt
3. Fitting the handle takes about 1 minute, hence very easy!

Charged on check out at 20%

Delivery Address:
1. We already have your full Dublin Delivery address
2. When you order - please add a Northern Ireland Address on the order - why?
3. Why? - Website does not allow Southern Ireland Addresses

Transit Times:
1. Normally 2 to 3 working days from point of cleared received payment

1. Just add to the shopping cart and complete your purchase
2. You can pay by card or PayPal

UK Postage costs:
1. Postage costs are only £13.99
2. Postage costs are to the following areas only:
3. Mainland England / Wales and Lowlands of Scotland (Postcode G + EH and south of)
4. All other areas of the UK = Please call 01244 470903 for your unique costs

Worldwide Delivery Options:
1. This listed item can be shipped to the majority of 'Worldwide Countries'
2. If this is wanted - send us an email (go to contact page)
3. We will required the 'Product Reference Number'
4. We will required the 'Number of Units Required'
5. We will require your 'Full Delivery Address' - please avoid PO Box addresses!
6. Once received - we will send you an invoice for the product + postage costs, you settle, we send - that's it

Bacs / Bank Payment:
1. If you prefer to create a Bacs payment (Bank Transfer), not a problem
2. Call us 01244 470903
3. Mention the website reference number
4. We will ask for your address details and email
5. We will also ask you for a unique purchase order number (if you have one)
6. We will email you an invoice, you pay, we receive funds, we despatch

Sorry, but goods are only sent once funds have cleared, hence if you want the goods fast, please ensure you accelerate the Bacs payment, your bank will advise you how to do this

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