(HIRE) - Collapsible Wooden Stand

Reference number: WH413 - HIRE

(HIRE) - Collapsible Wooden Stand
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(Excluding VAT at 20%)

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Collapsible Metal / Wood Slat Stand - Also known as Zed Up Lite

Attractive and very practical, supplied product collapses into its own metal carry case for easy transportation

1. Three (3)x A4 full shelves revealed on each side i.e. 6x A4 shelves in total
2. Free Silver (camera style case) supplied
3. Product takes seconds to assemble
4. Just pull the top section to a possible three heights:
5. *1st part 125cm x 33cm x 25cm / *2nd part 137cm x 33cm x 25cm / *3rd part 152cm x 33cm x 25cm


Rental Details:

£100 is the value of the Collapsible Metal Stand (IF Purchased)

1. £110+vat is the charge for the 'Hire' this includes
2. £40 for a 5 day rental period + £15 x 2 for the parcel movement costs
3. You pay £110 and once returned and examined, we refund £40

*Hire Terms & Conditions + "Parcel" Qualifying Locations =

*Be aware, A paid order assumes you have read and agreed to the terms of hire!


Finally - If the status says 'In Stock' then, order with convidence!

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