Golden Goal

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Golden Goal

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Golden Goal

1. Golden Goal is a great 'Sales' and 'Charity'
2. Golden Goal is great for Sales Team Motivations'

1. Simple and effective game
2. The game is played by customers paying £1 (example)
3. Customer then guesses the time of the golden goal
4. The winner gets your selected prize

More Details:
1. Laminated surface for re-usable use with chalk pens.
2. Designed for use with our Posterman Liquid Chalk Pens.

1. Size: H600mm x W400mm

Transit and Postage:
1. Lead time = 1x week approx.
2. Postage = £12.99 - see - 'More Info' Page

Setting things up:
1. Find a Host that is a natural comedian!
2. Before the Football game starts...
3. Try your very best to sell all the segments
4. Then, based on your sales, write the prize amount underneath

Top Tips:

Top Tip 1
1. Ideally you want to sell all the segments
2. You can do this by asking everybody!

Top Tip 2
1. IF you fail to sell every space
2. Tell everybody - all money goes to charity!
3. However; make sure everybody knows the actual charity group
4. This way this makes everything very understandable
5. And it will encourage the sales!

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