Back Lit - (A3 SAMPLES)

Reference number: SAMPLES-A3

Back Lit - (A3 SAMPLES)
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Back Lit - (A3 SAMPLES)

Stop - Due to popular request we have created this page for new clients
Stop - This listing will supply = 4x versions of "A3" Back-Lit Paper and Film
Stop - Basically it's designed for you to try before you make a larger order:

So - If you order this listing, we will supply...

Supplied = *2x Sheets of A3 Back-Lit Paper at 120gsm
Supplied = *2x Sheets of A3 Back-Lit Paper at 135gsm

Supplied = *2x Sheets of A3 Back-Lit Film at 125gsm
Supplied = *2x Sheets of A3 Back-Lit Film at 160gsm

About the Back-Lit Paper:
1. Back-Lit Paper is the cost-effective choice, ideal for Letting Properties

About the Back-Lit Film:
1. Back-Lit Film is the ideal choice for brighter, ideal for Sales Properties

What is Sent:
1. As listed above and in A3
2. RM Letters are the delivery agents - expect 2 to 3 x working days from order

Test it and See:
Action 1 - Each page has its own identity label
Action 2 - Select your same property details and print on all supplied sheets
Action 3 - Insert all copies into your current LED Pockets
Action 4 - Stand-back / Admire / Decide which is to your own liking
Action 5 - Then, create your main order - that's it

Finer Details:

UK Postage: -
1. Covers the following areas only: Mainland England + Wales + Scotland
2. Other locations? = Please call for unique posting costs
3. Telephone details found here = (Open Contact Us Page)

Can we send Worldwide? -
1. Yes - send an email
2. Email details found here = (Open Contact Us Page)
3 Tell us = The website number + amounts + full address
4. We will respond to your email with full costs

Bacs Payment? -
1. Yes - but, due to low costing of this product - please order via the website

Discounts? -
1. Yes - but, once again, low costs hence no discounts offered - except...
2. If you try the sample and want to make a larger order, we will refund £5
3. However; Always call us to trigger this £5 refund, as its not automatic!

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