Raffle Drum 103 Litres + Legs

Reference number: CLEAR103

Raffle Drum 103 Litres + Legs
Clear Raffle Drum 103 Litres + LegsClear Raffle Drum 103 Litres + Legs - DetailsVending Capsules - Capacity Amounts - See Website Ref: 'CAPSULES'

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103 Litre Clear Raffle Drums - with Legs
1. This drum can hold & shuffle = 65,000 Cloakroom Tickets (approx)
2. This drum can hold & shuffle = 20,000 Business Cards (approx)
3. This drum can hold & shuffle = 1,300 Ping Pong Balls (approx)

103 Litre Capacity 'CLEAR' Raffle Drum + Black Metal Work = £450

Raffle Drum has Black Metal Work and the Drum is Clear Acrylic, except for the opening area which is supplied in the colour of Black, Measurements (all approx) = Drum W665mm x D515mm + Drum Volume 103 Litres + Drum Panels W665mm x H335mm + Drum Lid W665mm x H335mm + Overall Height (including drum and Legs = H1500mm at 14kgs

Additional Details (Colours)
Product can be created in other metal work colours however; this does attract an additional charge for paint spraying, as a rule this adds £70+vat to the charge - If required please call us - Tel: 0845 1080047 or 01244 371443

Postage and Transit Times:
1. Postage: Due to Size and Weight, product sent on a pallet service at £50
2. Postage: Please ensure you open 'More Info' page for qualifying areas
3. Transit Times: Product made to each unique order, expect a 2 weeks (from point of order)

Need Vending Capsules or Tickets?
1. Please refer to the 'Related Products' - top right of this page!

Raffle Drums:
1. We reserve the right to replace the clear opening lid, with a coloured opening lid
2. Metal work can be supplied in other colours than the standard 'Black'
3. Other colours do attract an additional charge of £70+vat
4. If other colours are required - Tel: 0845 1080047
2.Please bear in mind with the clear drums that static does build up

1. Covers the following areas only:
2. Mainland England
3. Mainland Wales
4. Lowlands of Scotland - (Glasgow + Edinburgh postcodes and all south of)

*Postage via a Pallet Service:
1. Due to the size, weight and fragile nature of this product
2. Postage will be on a pallet service - hence the £50 postage costs
3. Tip if wanting more than 1x unit always call us for a chat - Tel: 0845 1080047

Delivery to other locations?
1. Yes we can arrange a delivery to any worldwide location
2. To gain your unique posting costs
3. Send an email
4. Mention - The website reference
5. Mention - Your full delivery address
6. Avoid - PO Box addresses (can't send to PO Box addresses)
7. We will reply to your email with costs
8. We will also create a unique order page within our website, this allows a quick click and purchase

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